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CheerCRED is the UK’s newest and most up to date Cheer Coach Credential. It is not a training course, it is designed to test your pre-existing knowledge in coaching the sport of cheerleading, in line with IASF rules and guidelines.

Credentialing has been the UK’s longest running process of cheer coach qualification with hundreds of coaches every year proving their worth and competence for the sport.

The Credentialing Process

Each level has a unique online test that you must complete. A link to the test(s) will be provided after you have completed step one.

The online test has a 1 hour time limit. An 80% score or higher is required to pass this step and move on to the Practical Assessment. All questions are based solely on IASF rules and guidelines, and do not reflect any specific scoring systems or grids.

If you do not reach the 80% pass mark you can retake the test a second time free of charge. If you do not pass the second time, we recommend you re-apply at a later date when you have gained more experience. You may also benefit from attending one of our BCQ training courses instead, please click here for further information.

The Practical Assessment is designed to prove you understand how to teach certain skills within each level. You don’t need perform these skills nor will you be working with athletes during the assessment. However, you will have to explain to an assessor how to perform each skill just as if you were coaching a team. The assessor will validate that you cover in your own words the key points of each skill in order to teach proper technique and ensure that you know what you are talking about in order to keep the athletes safe.

An 80% score or higher is required to pass the Practical Assessment and complete your Credential.


LevelCoaches AgePrice*
Level 116+£30
Level 216+£40
Level 318+£40
Level 418+£40
Level 5/618+£50
Level 718+£60
*Each Credentialing session booked will also incur a one-off £35.00 admin fee per person in addition to the fees above.

New or Re-Credential?

If you are new to the credentialing process or you do not hold an existing industry recognised qualification, you will need to start at Level 1 and be credentialed at every level up to the level you wish to be credentialed at. For example, to be credentialed to Level 3 you will need to sit Levels 1, 2, and 3.

If you are renewing an existing industry recognised qualification you only need to be credentialed at that specific Level, i.e for a re-credential to level 3 you only need to sit Level 3, NOT Levels 1 & 2 as well.

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