ADC Dance Course

  • Course Cost £50 per person.
  • Use the button to the lest to choose your dance style and secure your place.
  • Pom, Jazz/Lyrical, and Hip Hop are available as separate courses and cannot be completed on the same day.
  • For Pom and Jazz/Lyrical, there is an online module that needs to be completed before the course date (not applicable for Hip Hop). You will be sent a link to complete this following your online booking. This module is a pre-recorded video presentation with an online theory test.
  • On the course date, coaches will partake during the day in set activities. Participation is required unless physically unable to. An online exam will then conclude the day.
  • A practical assessment group and criteria will be assigned (coaches will have 4 weeks from the date of the course to submit the required videos).
  • Completion of the course is concluded upon passing both the theory test and practical assessments.
  • An e-certificate is emailed by the assessor upon completion of the practical assessment.

Course Information

An introduction to Hip Hop: The history, roots, culture, and background.
Breaking down Hip Hop Fundamentals.
A detailed look into body awareness and being able to understand the importance of posture, focus, body angles, and textures.
Understanding Hip Hop grooves with an emphasis on the three most important grooves: ‘Down’, ‘Up’, and ‘Jack’, How to teach them and introduce them into your class and movement.
Work on musicality techniques and its understanding for Hip Hop.
Breaking down and developing each of the more commonly used Hip Hop styles: Popping, Locking, Waacking, House.
How to choreograph Hip Hop movement, where to start, and helpful advice.
Developing knowledge of choreographing creative sections for a routine and how to develop a Hip Hop routine.
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