BCQ Level 1


Please provide the name of the programme/team you cheer for or coach, e.g. Premier Stars, DVA, Coventry Dynamite.

The BCQ qualification process takes place in three parts:

  • Part 1: You will need to attend an in-person or virtual (zoom) course.
  • Part 2: At the end of the course you will sit an online exam.
  • Part 3: Once the online exam has been completed you will be required to submit a video demonstrating how to spot each of the tumbling skills shown during the course.

Once all parts are complete and signed off, an Electronic Certificate will be emailed, completing your qualification with BCQ.


For Part 1 of the course you will require:

  • Pen/Paper to makes notes on all the skills/drills that are covered in the course syllabus.
  • A Laptop to complete the online exam at the end of the couse.
  • For virtual courses, we recommend access to a fast internet connection, ideally in a quiet place.
  • A pair of Shoes. We will be breaking down all grips and techniques for stunting elements.


Standard Course times: 10am – 6pm
If the course start time is different to the above, this will be shown on the booking page before you place your order.


Further information will be sent out by email one to two weeks before your scheduled course date.

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