Renew/Add to Existing Credential

For a renewal, you will only be credentialed at the specific level you choose below. You will also need to upload an existing certificate below showing you have been previously qualified to that level, or the previous level if you are adding to your credential.

Please provide the name of the programme/team you cheer for or coach, e.g. Premier Stars, DVA, Coventry Dynamite.

Please upload your existing certificate.

(max file size 6 GB)

CheerCRED is the UK’s newest and most up to date Cheer Coach Credential. It is not a training course, it is designed to test your pre-existing knowledge in coaching the sport of cheerleading, in line with IASF rules and guidelines.

Credentialing has been the UK’s longest running process of cheer coach qualification with hundreds of coaches every year proving their worth and competence for the sport.

Links to the specific online exams required will be provided once your application has been verified. This may take up to 72 hours.

Once the online exam is completed, we will be in contact to arrange a date for your practical assessment.

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